How to join the early sign up queue?

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Prior to the formal launch, Xhuma created an early sign up queue for users to guarantee their Purple Xhuma card and to earn some cash rewards. Each user will receive a unique referral sign up link after completing the early sign up process. Click here to learn more about how the early sign up process works.


How to start early sign up?

Click on the following link to get started: Early Sign Up

After completing all the prompts you will receive a Whatsapp with a unique referral link created specially for you. You can then send your sign up link to as many people as you wish in order to improve your ranking on the waiting list and to earn money. 


Learn how early sign up referrals work?

Each person who joins the early sign up queue using your link will then allow you to earn monetary rewards.

To qualify as a successful referral, a user should:

  1. Sign up using your unique referral address found in the link
  2. Open a Xhuma account on the App after launch
  3. Pass the KYC and FICA checks
  4. Transfer a minimum of R250 into their account
  5. Order their Purple Physical Card in App

For every successful referral you will go into a draw to earn either R10, R20, R50 or R500 for every unique person who completes steps 1 - 5. 

Please note Xhuma reserves the right to close the Early Sign Up queue at any time and to update the redemption terms and conditions at any point in time. 



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