How do I send money to another bank account?

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To transfer/EFT to a bank account, on the main 'Accounts' screen tap 'Pay' (button with two arrows titled pay) or Tap on the Two Arrows on the bottom of the screen then → ‘Send Money’ → then '+New' then→ ‘Add a bank recipient’. You’ll be asked to add the bank transfer details for either an Individual, or a Business if you’re paying a company. 

Once the beneficiary has been added, tap on it, choose the currency you want to send, and enter the amount. You can choose from which balance to send. There’s also an option to add a reference if you want to. After the amount has been added, tap ‘Continue’ to review your transfer details. 

Make sure to review the account details before you tap send, or your transfer may not go through successfully, and could bounce back to your account. Once your transfer is submitted, it can’t be cancelled, so make sure you keep your recipient account details up to date. 

After your transfer is complete, you can download a transfer confirmation as a proof of payment receipt. The .pdf file contains all the details of your transfer, as well as unique external reference that can be used by the recipient bank to trace the funds.

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