Sending money to Xhuma users not in my contacts list

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In case you want to send money to a Xhuma user not in your contact list, you have a few options.

1. Add to contacts: Add a new contact by pressing the '+ New' in the top right hand corner. Follow the instructions and refresh your contacts by pulling down the list. They should appear instantly with a purple Xhuma icon ‘X’ next to their picture. Before completing the transfer please ensure that the recipient currently is using the saved contact number to access their Xhuma account

2. Search by Xhumatag: In case you do not have the mobile number, search for the Xhumatag of the user in the search bar and send the payment.

3. QR code: In the payments page, click on the 'QR code' on the top right to open your QR code scanner. Ask your friend to follow the same path, but click on 'My code' option so you can scan their QR code

When you make a transfer for the first time to a new recipient, the recipient has 7 days to accept the transfer. 

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