How can I see a spending breakdown per category?

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You can see a breakdown of your spending by category or merchant on the Analytics under the Spending.

Here you will see the top 3 categories or merchants for which you have spent the most according to the tab you select. You can even select a specific day, week or month bar on the spending graph and all values will be updated to show the breakdown for the selected dates.

If you'd like to see more details about a specific category, merchant or country, just tap on them and a detailed transaction list will be shown for the period selected. You can also check a complete and more detailed breakdown of your spending by just tapping on 'See all' on the Spending breakdown. You will be able to filter for specific accounts or periods and the breakdown will update.

You can also add transactions to a specific category:

  • Tap on the transaction you'd like to edit;
  • Scroll below to the 'Category' section;
  • Click the current category and select a new category or create a custom one by tapping 'Add Category'

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