How can I edit a budget?

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You can edit existing budgets by scrolling down on your Accounts home page to the Analytics section and clicking on 'Left of budget' tile or by heading to the 'Analytics' section (the graph icon in the top-right corner of the Home tab) and tapping on 'Budget' below your spending graph.

Once you are on the Budgeting main page you just need to:

1. Tap on 'Manage' at the top right of the screen.

2. Select 'Edit Budget'.

3. Modify your limit or your cycle.

4. You can also modify your category budgets by clicking on 'set up' if you haven't set up any categories yet, or on '# categories' if you've already created them.

5. Make sure the sum of the categories limits is not greater than the total amount you set.

Alternatively, if the sum of your category limits is greater than the overall limit you can click on 'Done' and 'Proceed' to adjust your overall limit.

6. Click 'done' and Xhuma will be ready to help you improve your financial health!

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