My card deposit failed

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This could be due to:

Issue with user authentication (3D secure)

What is user authentication (3D secure)?

When you try to add money to your account, you might be redirected to your bank’s website to verify your payment. This is an additional security step to protect your account.

How to recognize an issue with user authentication (3D secure)?

You can spot this if the verification page is not loading properly, resulting in a blank page or an error message.

What can I do?

If you continue to get an error there may be a connection issue with your bank. It is worth checking with your bank to see if they are currently experiencing any issues with authentication (3D secure)

Alternatively, try to add money via EFT/bank transfer or via another bank card.


AVS address mismatch

Address Verification System (AVS) checks whether the card billing address (of your bank card linked to Xhuma) matches the one linked to your bank.

If your top-up has failed due to AVS mismatch (postal/ZIP code issue), please check the correct postcode of your card's billing address in your other bank online and provide it in the Xhuma app. 

If the above solution fails or the address is matching, please chat to us and provide a screenshot of your bank statement showing the last card top-up (with matching card confirmation code) done to your Xhuma account.


Insufficient funds

If your top-up failed due to insufficient funds, it means we sent a request to your bank and we received a response that there wasn't enough money in your bank account, so the transaction couldn't be completed.

If you do have enough funds, please contact your bank directly to clarify this issue, as it can't be changed on our side.


Unsupported card

We currently support only Mastercard® and Visa® cards for top-ups. Alternatively, try to add money via bank transfer or another bank card.


Bank declining the transaction

If your top-up attempts are being declined by the issuing bank of your card, it means they're triggering your bank's security system.

It may happen when the issuing bank:

  • Temporarily suspends your card
  • Doesn't recognise our service and tries to keep your bank account safe
  • Puts restrictions on your card (for example a card limit, which may not be visible in your online banking)

Please allow some time before attempting to top-up again, we also recommend trying to top-up with the lowest available amount for top-up. If this solution doesn't work, please get in touch with your bank (Cards Payment Division) and explain that you authorise transactions to Xhuma. After that, they should be able to lift the limitations off your card.

Alternatively, try to add money via EFT/bank transfer or via another bank card.

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