Frequently Asked Questions for the 2023 ISASA (SAMSTIP) Internship Applications

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1. May I apply for a B.Ed. or PGCE in other phases or for other subjects?

For the 2023 academic year SAMSTIP will consider applications for PGCE and B.Ed. (Senior and FET phase only) with specialisation in Mathematics and Physical or Life or Natural Sciences exclusively.


2. May I apply even if I did not do Mathematics?

Answer: No, mathematics is the core subject and a candidate will then choose between Life Sciences, Physical Sciences or Natural Sciences.


3. May I apply if I did Mathematical Literacy?

Answer: No.


4. May those who are not South African citizens apply?

Answer: No (please note that you must have been born in South Africa to qualify).


5. What is the age range for applicants?

Answer: You must be younger than 30 years old when you commence with either your PGCE or B.Ed. programme.


6. May I choose the ISASA School at which I will be based for the period of my internship?

Answer: You may request a school; but there is no guarantee of placement until you have been for an interview with the school. Furthermore, not all ISASA schools host interns.


7. May I attend a different university other than UNISA?

Answer: At the moment SAMSTIP has established a good working relationship with Unisa, and so it’s advisable to study through Unisa for both administrative and academic support purposes.


8. Am I guaranteed a job at an ISASA school after completing my internship?

Answer: No, you are required to teach at a public school and would be guaranteed a position in a public school. The mandatory period to be served in that position will depend on the number of years you spent in the programme at an equal time ratio. One year on the programme would equal one year contracted to teach at a public school.
9. If I fail one module, will ISASA continue to fund me?

Answer: Should you fail a particular module, you will have to pay either for supplementary examinations and/or to repeat that module.


10. How is the stipend calculated and how much is it?

Answer: The stipend is calculated by the funder and is a small amount which will not be enough to support a family but will be enough to cover small student needs while you are on the programme. To be eligible for the stipend you must be placed as an intern at an ISASA member school for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and fulfil the responsibilities allocated to you.
NB: It is compulsory to serve your internship at an ISASA member school to qualify for the stipend.
11. May I apply if I’m in matric?
Answer: Yes, but only for the B.Ed., you need an undergraduate qualification to apply for PGCE – with the relevant school subjects (Mathematics and Life Science or Physical Sciences or Natural Sciences).
12. Where can I get an application form?
Answer: The preferred application method is to complete the on-line application form found at the following link:
13. How and when will I be contacted and informed whether my application has been successful or not?
Answer: Correspondence will be entered into with applicants throughout the recruitment process.
14. Is this application open in all South African provinces?
Answer: Yes.
15. May I apply again if my previous attempts were unsuccessful?
Answer: You may apply if you have reason to believe that you will achieve a better result or you have since completed an undergraduate qualification with relevant school subjects.
16. What is the selection process for the internship?
Answer: Your application will be processed and you may be invited to complete an entrance assessment. Should you pass these tests well, you will be invited for an interview. Those who are selected from the internal interview phase will then be interviewed by a potential host School and provisionally placed. In addition, all shortlisted applicants will then apply online to UNISA for admission. The list of those accepted into UNISA will then be reviewed and a final selection made. At this point the successful applicants will be formally notified in writing and instructed to report for duty at their Professional Development Host School.
17. Do you offer the same internship in any other field of study?
Answer: Not at the moment – we may do so in future.
18. Whom may I contact for feedback should I not receive a response?
19. May teachers who would like to improve their skills apply for this programme? (i.e., those with no degree or teachers who have completed a diploma)
Answer: This programme is an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) initiative, and is not designed to assist with up-skilling existing teachers. It is an internship-based model which requires open distance learning study and placement at a participating Professional Development Host School (which may require an inter-provincial move) for the duration of the period of study and without receiving a salary. Applicants must be able to fulfil all these requirements.
20. When can I apply for admission at UNISA?
Answer: Applications for admission for PGCE and B.Ed. open during August/September each year for the following academic year’s intake.
21. How can I apply for admission at UNISA?
Answer: All applications can be done online at
22. What documents do I need to upload during the application process?
Answer: Prospective students applying for PGCE and B.Ed. must upload the following documents:
Certified copies of ID, Grade 12 certificate, full academic transcript and the degree/diploma certificate. NB: You will receive a message at an appropriate time, prompting you to do this.
23. How much is the application fee?
Answer: The application fee will be published on the Unisa website since there is an increment each year.
24. How can I trace my Unisa application?
Answer: Once an application is submitted, you can log on to, click on apply, then click on undergraduate qualifications, then click on the relevant step to trace your application.
25. How can I appeal if the application outcome is not favourable?
Answer: You can send an email directly to SAMSTIP at

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